New Years Eve Ideas For Singles — Have No FOMO!

23 December

The holidays are almost over, but there’s one more celebration to go. It’s time to have a blow out with the best New Years Eve ideas for singles out there. You may have been lamenting about being single for the entire 12 months, but on this night it’s time to do the old switcharoonie.

Do you think New Year's Eve was created to make singles feel unbelievably alone?

I hope you don’t because it’s the best time of the year to let things from the past go. Doing this can help you get a positive attitude adjustment and appreciate the possibilities of being single now. You have total freedom!

But if you’d instead be tied down, make it your mantra to be hitched up by the end next year (and not just to your pony). For now, revel in the glory your singlehood freedom. And also think about the fun that can happen on New Year's Eve and in the next 365 days.

Here’s the only New Years Eve ideas for singles you and your friends could ever need to go out with a bang, or even a bath bomb

You can do New Years more than one way. Before we get started, I have a warning for you. Last two years I had first dates on New Years. It was not only a bad idea, but it was also a terrible idea!

I spent both New Years Eves with guys I I’d never met, doing something I hated (and I don’t hate much). So what was the first thing they wanted to do? Gamble.

We spent the eve in a casino. I’m not a big gambler, just a teeny one. When I was in Vegas for the first time, I spent one whole dollar. Then won $152. Then lost $20 of my winnings in less than five minutes. A daiquiri in a fancy glass called my name. I slurped it down then bolted out of town. I knew it was best to cut my losses.

Be thankful you had some relationships that were cut out sooner than later

The later bad things are drug out (like my lousy date of having the first date on New Year's Eve), the more painful they can become. Please make smart decisions for yourself on December 31.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake when you get online and do what I did. Don't’ make the worst New Years Eve ideas for singles! Even if you’re feeling super lonely. It’s better to wait until after the New Year to have a first date.

You’re probably excited to meet that cutie, but don’t be tempted! It better to wait and have a dating dud on January 3. On New Year's Eve, a first date is just too much pressure for both parties involved, even for a sweet and tough country girl!

What if you don’t like your first date?  If you don’t want them, you might kiss them anyway. The memory of fish lips will be stuck in your mind for eternity! I know there’s an idea of having some romantic kissing on New Years. Just don’t do it. Trust me on this one. Fish lips seem to go on forever.

Spend Time with the People You Love

One of the best New Years Eve ideas for singles is to spend time with the people you love

After my last New Years catastrophe at the casino, I ended the date within 20 minutes. He was so handsy. It was almost as if he had 8 hands. I didn’t even know a person’s hands could move that fast.

I snuck away to the ladies room after one drink to try to make other plans with a friend. My fingers were crossed I could still salvage this horrible evening with a handsy man. I was praying my buddy was out on the town.

Disaster was averted! Luckily he was at the old watering hole — The best New Years Eve ideas for singles (these two singles)

I assumed I would have an OK date, and it wouldn't be that cold outside. Thinking I was going to be going from my hotel to the car, to the casino, to the vehicle to the uber, I decided not to wear a heavy coat.

Because I wanted to look my best for the date, I went on just because I felt lonely. I did get an Uber back from the Casino to meet my friend. That was all fine and dandy. I ran to the car from the heated casino lobby. Leaving my date to spend his evening with slot machines and one-too-many whiskey and cokes.

After I met my friend out, we decided to get a ride to another fun place in town. It was one of the coldest nights of the year. The temperature was at a whopping 1 degree. I had on dress and fishnets. I was freezing.

Not only was the date for New Years Eve ideas for singles, the worst idea I’d ever had (again), so was my not-too-thick outfit. The reason it was such a bad idea was that the streets were closed off to cars because of the festivities.

The walk of the scantily clad snowman in a red dress (who was me), had one hell of a rough trail. So I learned a valuable lesson.

Don’t go on the first date for New Year's Eve — Ever

Not only that if you do go out with your friends, or your sister, don’t dress like an idiot (like I did). If you go out to paint the town red, wear something reasonable and sexy.

I hope you get the opportunity to spend this particular time with spend time with your friends or family, instead of going on a first date. I have some much much better ideas for you to do instead!

Christmas in City

Get the heck out of the country and hit up the city!

I know you love the cornfields or plowing the hay (or maybe not), but it might be snowing! If the cows need to be fed in the morning, just don’t stay out too late so you can rise with the sun.

And even if you don’t have a date, you could potentially meet someone out that is out of your circle of buddies. Maybe you’ll get an unplanned kiss with an unexpected shy stranger!

Ask your most wild friends (or acquaintances) to come out with you if you happen to be shy

This is true especially if you’re an introvert. Sometimes you can use a little help from your friends in the socialization department. Having a person who likes being the center of attention (if you don’t) is excellent.

So you can sit back against the wall while they shake their booty on the dance floor. Maybe you’ll even get some liquid courage and dance yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re an extrovert, go out by your bad self

Who cares if anyone else comes with you. Because wherever you go is where the party is happening. You’ll do fine by yourself and your moves on the dance floor could attract your surprise soul mate!

Another thing to do is have a single’s dinner party

I used to throw these all the time. No couples were allowed. They are amazingly good times. My best friend also got hitched up after spending some time together at one of my potluck dinners. You provide the place, the invite list, an appetizer, and a few drinks.

Ask your guests to bring another single friend to them. This helps you expand your social network of singles. I know when you’re single, you can feel like a third wheel, a fifth wheel, or even worse — never get invited in the first place.

New Year's Eve is the best time of year to celebrate your singleness with other singles. You’re all in the same boat. And who knows what’ll happen when that ball drops. That cutie across the fold-out table could be someone you want to get to know. Notice if he’s giving you body language clues!

Or if you’re a family man or woman (and want to have one of your own someday), spend time with your family

I’m not going to say it’s better than going to the Bahamas, but you might like it better than spending the night alone. Boardgames are an excellent way to connect with your family. And if you’re drinkers, you can show off your bartending skills your parents didn’t even know you had.

Make Gradmas town-famous lasagne for your family. You’ll get huge points, and everyone will remember how sweet she was. Your family is fantastic, even if they are weird (and we all know some of them are).

Speaking of weird, you could do something old school

Could you write a letter [GASP!] A letter? Yes. Write a letter. And craft it to someone you love (or to several of people that you like)

If you’re a homebody and don’t feel like going out boozing, or even leaving the house, do something out of the ordinary. Writing letters can make you feel connected to people you may have lost touch with.

Send a note to your cousin Janice, or your best friend from Kindergarten. Or even your mom. And while you’re at . . .

The next thing you can do is write a letter to yourself. Write all the things you want to accomplish in the next three years. Not one year, but three. Just imagine the possibilities!

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