8 Things to Know When Dating a Farmer

16 September

In the age of online dating, society is all about streamlining the dating process. Put up a nice picture, write a catchy sentence or two to engage other singles, and make yourself look good in your bio.

It’s like fishing, except every single fish has a preferred bait and you can only guess which will work before tossing out the line. It can feel so disheartening to try your luck again and again when you’re in a city full of people.

And those rules change when you approach country dating.

There are at least 2.2 million farms in the US alone. That’s a lot of people looking for love in rural areas and sections disconnected from many highly populated places. Farmers wake up early, work long hours, get dirty, and do it all again the next day. It’s a difficult career and lifestyle to sell to a potential partner.

If you’ve found yourself head over heels for a farmer, these are some things you need to consider before the relationship gets serious. Unless they sell the farm and start over, this is their life. To be with them, it will have to become your life in many ways too.

1. The Farm Is Priority Number One

As much as they love and care about you, the farm comes first. This isn’t just a hobby or nine-to-five office job. They live and breathe the place because it’s their livelihood. Farmers are responsible for countless things including animals, crops, equipment, and infrastructure across the entire property. When chores and jobs need to get done, everything else has to wait, including you.

2. Respect the Farm Truck

A farm truck is not often flashy, but it’s more than a necessity of the job. Don’t tease your farmer guy or gal about how it looks, its age, or bits of rust. They’ve most likely been through a lot with it, both personal and professional, so it holds quite a bit of sentimental value. They might have a few buttons you should avoid pushing, but this is often true across the board.

And when inevitably dies, treat it like the death of a family member. Before they met you, that was their gal. It may seem strange, but that’s just how it works.

3. Their Views Often Lean To The Conservative Side

People’s views and beliefs can surprise you no matter where they’re from. However, given that farmers are usually a part of rural communities in less populated areas of the country, their views tend, on average, to be more conservative or ‘traditional’.

If you hold staunch political, religious, or societal views that contradict those of your right-leaning friends, odds are dating a farmer might not be for you.

Farmers are deeply conservative on topics involving farming laws, labor laws, and anything that can directly impact their farms ability to remain profitable. If you’re in Ontario, don’t even try and debate the milk quota system with your dairy farmer beau, it’s not worth it.

4. Date Night Happens When The Work Is Done

You will rarely see movies or go out for dinner when a couple normally would. Chores will take longer than you expect, issues will arise that need to be taken care of immediately, and plans will have to change. They may be up from sunrise to sunset, but by no means does a farmer have a set schedule. You’ll need to be flexible and accommodating to such a chaotic workload because the farm will always win out over your frustration.

5. Animals Need Attention When They Need It

Horses, cows, chickens, and pigs live their own lives. A calf comes when it comes. A hen or sow gets sick. A stallion gets injured doing the same chore it did for the last month. Whatever plans or hopes you had about the night will need to be pushed aside the moment any animal needs attention, medical or otherwise. Be ready for Ms. Bacon Bits to go into labor when all you wanted was get a beer at the pub.

6. A Farm Is A Family Affair

Farms are usually family owned and operated. When you’re dating a farmer, you’re going to get involved with their family sooner than anyone else you get involved with. This means you’ll need to get along with them or, at the very least, always make an effort to do. You can never truly understand the family dynamic until you see it for yourself, but odds are that, like any other family, they have good days and bad but they get along most of the time. Show that you care by caring about your partner’s family too.

7. Be Aware of the Seasons

This isn’t about fall or summer. When it’s harvest season or planting season, farmers are quite literally busy the entire day and most of the night. It’s stressful and sleep is limited. Here is where they will need your support the most. Be open-minded, patient, and understanding during this hectic time. The farm is one-hundred and ten percent of their attention these seasons. It might not seem fair, but that’s the reality.

8. Learn To Love These Topics of Conversation

You are going to hear about tractors, livestock, market prices, and the weather all the time. It makes sense; each greatly affects and impacts a farmers life. You’ll learn about tractor parts and brands, keep up to date on this cow and that horse, and come to understand how farmers can make a profit. Get used to it, engage with it, or get out.

We all like to think we can date anyone no matter their background. In reality, we have our boundaries and our preferences. If you love to travel but someone you like always wants to stay in, it probably isn’t the best match. When it comes to dating a farmer, the same logic applies. However, when is the heart ever logical?

Country Dating Is Easy at the Bonfire

Farmers are responsible, capable, fit people who care about their farm, family, and their neighbors. There are many songs about country charm and a good honest day’s work. They have as much to offer as anyone else, so why not give them a chance?

If you’re infatuated with a farmer, throw on some jeans, boots, and be ready to get your hands dirty. It could be a match made in hog heaven.

Whether you’re looking for a farmer to date, other country singles, or just want friendship, Bonfire has a little something for everyone in the country.

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