28 Reasons To Date A Country Girl — I Mean Country Gal

29 September

You see a woman you like on the bonfire dating app. And you’re wondering what are the reasons to date a country girl or this gal in particular. She writes about living in a small town and goes to parties out in the wood or the field.

There are lots of reasons to date a country girl. Let’s get to it!

1) One of the reasons to date a country girl is you can guarantee she’s not afraid to get dirty.

If she lives in the country, she’s probably used to getting mud on her boots, her shirt, her truck and pretty much everywhere she goes. She might even have a basement shower or at least a hose outside to hose off your boots.

2) She’ll be someone your family will love

A country girl will have the same values as a country-kind-of guy. She likes long nights singing by the bonfire, doesn’t mind if you’re out with the guys hunting and is fiercely loyal to her family and friends— And she will be to you.

3) Country girl dating is different than regular gal dating

She’ll like dating a country guy, unlike the snobby city gals. If you want to attract her put up the right profiles online first!

4) Country women love down-home cooking

That’s right, the same kind of food your mamma used to make. Green bean casserole, boiled potatoes with butter, green beans with plenty of bacon, fresh burgers on the grill and biscuits.

She’ll make slow cooker ribs that slide off the bone like the pioneer woman. You’ll be in for a heavenly melts-in-your-mouth experience on a daily basis. If you keep your end of the deal of bringing home the bacon and running the farm, your woman will take care of you too.

5) Another reason to date a country girl is that she can hang with the guys

Don’t worry about her not being able to hold her own. If someone dishes something out— She can dish it right back.

6) She’ll have your back

When you’re dating a country girl— She will be on your side, and all of her friends and family know it. Like Tammy Wynette sings:

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Giving all your love to just one man.

You'll have bad times

And he'll have good times,

Doin' things that you don't understand

But if you love him, you'll forgive him,

Even though he's hard to understand

And if you like him oh be proud of him,

'Cause after all he's just a man

Stand by your man,

Give him two arms to cling to,

And something warm to come to

When nights are cold and lonely

Stand by your man,

And show the world you love him

Keep giving all the love you can

Stand by your man

Stand by your man,

And show the world you love him

Keep giving all the love you can

Stand by your man

That’s what she’ll do— Stand by you, even when things get tough.

7) Country gals have the attitude that will keep you on your toes and will keep turning you on over again

That’s just how they roll. The like to drive a man wild.

8) Dating a country girl means you won’t have to go out for fancy dinners

She likes home-cooking like you and won't need to go to the 5-star restaurant. Her boots are too dirty to go somewhere too bougie. This gal will be happy to go to the local diner.

9) Her favorite date with you is going to country concerts in the summertime

Country Music Concert

What more could you want? She loves Russel Dickerson just as much as you. Maybe even a little more than you care for, and she’ll know the words to every song and sing them to you.

Not to mention she’ll look good at the festival in her Daisy Dukes, cowboy hat, boots, and sunglasses. You’ll wonder how you ever hitched up with such a sexy woman. You’ll make all of your friends jealous.

10) She’ll be America proud

She’s probably already got a flag on at least one of her cute tank tops. You’ll love watching her strut around like a WWE ring girl in her prime.

11) A country gal won’t even mind your addiction to Nascar

She knows it’s fun for you to watch the action, yell at the guys you don’t like and cheer for the “good guys.” She even knows their names.

12) You can bet your bottom dollar that she already knows how to drive a stick shift and maybe even a tractor

She loves your truck

Especially if the music is turned up and the windows are down. Driving or riding down a country road is a good way for both of you to relax, and look at the meadows.

13) Country gals know how to drive— And love it

She’s probably been behind the wheel since she was 13— Or maybe even sooner than that. If you need a muddin’ buddy– You might have to play rock paper scissors to get to drive. Good luck at getting the keys away from her when she’s feeling frisky and wants to drive.

14) When you find a woman on a country dating website, you know she’ll love the little things in life

Family, God, good food, country music, concerts, whiskey and beer— And you. Especially you.

15) Country loving dating means when you meet a woman, and you click she won’t mess with your head

You won’t have to wonder what she's thinking— Becuase she’ll have no problem telling you what's on her mind. No problem. At all. Get ready for the truth.

16) You’ll stand out from other men, and she’ll like the fact that you’re not texting her all day

Instead, you give her a call to invite her to your place, and this will turn her on like nobody’s business.

Want more reasons to date a country girl? There’s more!

Dating Country Girls

17) She’ll look great in your baseball cap whenever she steals yours

And you won't’ mind a bit. And it matches everything she owns.

Not only will she look great in any hat . . .

18) Her dancing will make your heart skip a beat.

You know what her cut-off shorts will do to you when you see her in them. Oh, you know. It will make you weak in the knees, and she’ll have you wrapped around her finger, and you’ll even like it.

19) She’ll love the same music as you do

Dan + Shay, Luke Combs, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Dwight Yoakam, Eric Church, old-school Hank, Loretta Lynn, and even “Smoky Mountain Rain” by Ronnie Milsap. You’ll both know the words, and you’ll love when she sings to you also if she can’t stay on key.

20) Countryside dating means you’ll spend a lot of time in the country doing what you both love

Singing old country songs in your truck, in the bed of your truck or in an open field.

21) A country girl will love your romantic side

Pick her flowers before you go on your fishing trip, and lean her back for a deep kiss and tell her she’s your world. She’ll be like putty in your arms.

22) She won’t even notice other men

Because once you’re a country girl’s man— That’s it. She’s in for the long haul if you are. And if you’re not, you’ll regret that later.

23) A country woman will make you more of a man that you could ever imagine

Because she’s real and appreciates your manly stuff, you do. When you fix the door, she’ll shower you with kisses.

24) When you have a guys night out, she’ll have a girls night out

When you’re dating a country woman, she’ll understand your space, because she needs it too.

25) She’ll be open with her feelings if you listen to what she says

The payoff for that will be priceless. When a countrywoman has a strong man she can count on after she’s had a long day, she’ll feel understood, cared for and loved. ‘

26) After she feels cherished, she’ll let out her wild side that nobody has seen but you

And trust me— She’s got one but first you’ve got to learn how to get her to notice you online.

27) You’ll learn how to live with her assortment of blingy pink pursed and belt buckles

They’ll eventually find a place in your heart because she looks so sexy when she pairs them up with any pair of jeans (they’re all tight).

28) She probably knows how to shoot a gun better than you, but she might pretend you’re better than her

Or she might hit the bullseye every time and give you plenty of time later to see who’s the better wrestler.

There are plenty of reasons to date a country girl, and when you get to know her, you might not want to let her go. So don’t be surprised if you even want to put a ring on it someday. Because you don't want anyone else to get a chance to kiss her ever again.

Country girls will make you crazy, and they’ll also make you crazy– Good crazy.  

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