Online Dating Profile Photo Tips For Men — From A Woman Who Isn't Afraid To Get Her Boots Dirty

23 September

No matter how you feel about online dating — It can seem overwhelming. Especially to a man who is just putting himself out there after a divorce and hasn’t had a date for ten years. Online dating tips are critical for you to go out with a woman who gets you.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Get help with online dating profile tips from a woman.

There is an overwhelming amount of online dating apps, and some are better than others. I know my way around the online dating block. How are you supposed to stand out in this field full of other single men? With the right help of course!

I know even when you're lost for 2 hours you might have a hard time asking for directions. But I cross my heart I won’t tell a soul you’re reading this article. According to the Pew Research Center, one-in-five people using online dating platform have asked someone to help them create a better profile.

Why do you think people need help with their online dating profile? Because the online profile they currently have isn’t getting them the results, they were hoping for.

Most guys have online dating profile photos that suck, to put it bluntly.

I want you to know the right dating tips, so you don’t get caught in the rain of men— Instead of being showered with messages from women.

There are plenty of mistakes that men make with their online dating profile, and I want to start out with the things to stay away from first.

Photos matter— Big time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed on a guy who could have been an excellent, caring, sexy partner but I didn’t give a chance because he had terrible online profile pics.

You may think you can just post a blurry pic from your phone reel. Don’t do it.

If you post crumby online profile pictures, it can tell a woman you aren’t taking this whole online dating serious, and you aren’t willing to put in any work whatsoever.

Most people have a smartphone that has a great camera— And even if you don’t, I bet your cousin or neighbor or friend you drink beer in the evening has one.

If you’ve been online and aren’t getting the results you were hoping for— The first step to attracting women is to get some new online dating picture.

When you upgrade your photos, you can meet better women than before. And you’ll also have a better chance of meeting more women.

With good online photos, you’ll have a better chance of landing a date, period.

Even if you’re not super hot — Don’t worry about it! Because I will show you how to have magnetic photos that are irresistible to women.

Learn how to appeal to her visually (and fast!) in your online dating profile photos.

There are studies showing women are very fast at forming an impression about you.

I want to show you how fast impressions are formed with a little quiz about women.

How much time do you think it takes for a woman to size you up in your online profile photo?

  • 10 seconds
  • 5 seconds
  • 3 seconds
  • 1 second
  • 1/10 of a second

Which do you think it is?

Women are judging you and making an opinion about you in only 1/10 of a second with your online dating profile. It may seem unbelievable— But it’s true.

Take me for instance. If I walk into a room or board a plane, the first thing I do is scan the area to see if there’s anyone I’m attracted to— Taking all of this in takes about 7 seconds. I’m looking at a hairstyle, clothes, facial hair, posture, mannerisms, etc.

After this short amount of time, I already know which men are a yes, no, or a maybe. Women go on their intuition and instincts often.

You must make a good first impression with these online profile photo tips if you want to meet a high-quality woman.

If you play your cards right you will find a woman who shows you respect, trust and will maybe even love you someday.

All people make snap judgments. The scientific term for this is “thin slicing.”

If you want to make a great first impression, you’ll want to tell a story in your photos by “signaling.”

When a woman sees you, you will convey to her (through your online dating profile pictures) what life will be like when she’s with you.

So ask yourself a question first: What kind of women do I want to meet online?

Do you want a woman who’s going to go to church with you, go camping, drink beer and go muddin’, or relax on the front porch swing in the evening while you watch the sunset?

Think about the woman you want to meet and appeal to her senses in your online dating photos.

Here’s an online dating photo challenge. Which picture would be better?

  • Guy looking lazy on the couch?
  • A man with a fishing pole in the river doing what he loves?

Ding ding ding! You’ve guessed it. It’s not the guy on the couch. The best picture would be you in your waders fly-fishing. (Not holding a dead fish please, just the pole with do).

On a side note, we know you love to hunt or fish, but ladies don’t need to see the “evidence of the kill.” A picture of you in your camo in the woods, or you in your farmer dating lifestyle will be beautiful.

If you want to attract a feminine woman, you’ll want to appeal to her biological instincts in your online dating photos like this . . .

I don’t want to get too deep with you here, but from an evolutionary standpoint, it’s no secret that men love an alpha man. Survival of the fittest, right?

Throughout history, alpha men are seen as good caretakers and have what it takes to provide security, safety for a women’s family and children. So you’ll want to show off your alpha traits in your photos.

If you have a farm that you love, get a picture of you on your tractor.

Or better yet — Get a friend to come over and take your picture up on the hillside while the sun is setting looking at everything you’ve worked so hard for.

There’s no need to look into the camera. A side-shot or picture from behind with your silhouette will also intrigue a woman. She’ll wonder what’s up with that guy, and why isn’t he looking at me? He must have something important going on.

You want to look like the man in charge. You could be auctioneering the farm animals for your local 4-H group, or you’re the one driving the tractor. You want to look like “that guy” because you are “that guy.”

Focus on your hobbies in your online dating profile photo.

Actions shots are great to have. If you’re fishing, camping, playing horseshoes or riding your quad, you will be promoting fun and excitement in your profile to potential matches. Women want a man who will bring excitement and pleasure into her life, so show it ASAP!

Take your online dating photo outside in natural lighting.

One of the keys to getting great lighting is to take photos during what photographers call the “golden hour.”

The golden hour is when the sun’s rays of light have to penetrate the atmosphere for a long distance, and this reduces the intensity of the sun’s light.

When is the golden hour? It’s just before sunset or just after sunrise. There won’t be strong shadows, and the lighting is just perfect. This type of light will make you not look washed out and have a great warm tone to your skin.

Speaking of color. . .

Use color in your online dating profile photos.

You don’t need to be wearing a pink shirt or anything. But have a splash of color in some of your shots. A little bit of red in photography goes a long way. If your wardrobe is brown and green— Find a colorful wall and get your photo taken in front of it. Or some flowering shrub or tree.

Make sure to look relaxed in your pictures.

Don’t look uptight or nervous. Remember the cheesy middle school photos of you and your friends back in the day. You don’t want to be the fake-smile, super-posed looking guy online.

Here are a few more online dating profile photo tips for you in an easy to follow bulleted list.

  • Don’t post racy pics. (we don’t need to see pictures of your junk before we’ve even met!)
  • Make sure your photos are not blurry.
  • Show at least one headshot.
  • Have at least one full body shot (with clothes on!)
  • Use a prop to show your passions: fishing pole, a knife in the kitchen, a baseball.
  • Smile in at least one photo — But don’t be cheesing in every single one.
  • Look fun, but not goofy in every picture.
  • Don’t stick your tongue out; this seems immature.
  • I believe 6 photos is the perfect amount.
  • Tell a little bit about your life story in your pictures.
  • Have fun with your pictures.
  • Don’t be too dangerous.
  • Take lots of photos and pick out your favorites, or ask a friend or coach to help you.

So, gentlemen, I hope you’ve found these tips useful and will put them into use ASAP!  Good luck with your online dating search and don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it — Your love life will thank you for it.

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